Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A Midsummer Nights Dream Essay Example for Free

A Midsummer Nights Dream Essay We watched two different versions of Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream. The first version we watched was from the BBC. This version showed the dream world mixed in with reality, which was quite good. The second version of this play was by channel 4. This was a little less detailed as it showed the forest with lights hanging down. The accents of the actors in the first version were hard to understand because they were from all over England. The first version was also hard to understand because the actors did not use very good body language. The first version also good in the way that it made its forest so life like, well as in the second version it was plain and had doorways in the middle from where people came from. The language use was easier to understand than the second version because the actors used more present English rather than old Shakespeare language. I think that the second version we watched was more suited to children rather than adults because it contained childish humour. When Puck gave Bottom a donkeys head it looked quite unrealistic in the first version because it looked like a rabbit. In the second version Bottoms ass head was good because it actually looked a little realistic. In the second version when Bottom and Titania fell in love, I think they went a bit over the top with the love scene. The first version of the play showed the dream world mixed with reality because Puck made it easy to see who was in the dream world and who wasnt. The strange thing about the second version was having the little boy as a narrator. I think that may confuse people because they have now added another world to the whole story. There is now reality in the film, the dream world and reality in our world. When the first version showed the play by Bottom and his friends it seemed unpracticed and shabby. The second play showed a little humour by adding people forgetting their lines and the good roaring by the lion. They actually performed on a stage which was more appropriate for the occasion. In the first version they had to perform on the floor. If the actors were performing in front of a Duke and a Duchess then the performers should be given a proper performing stage. I think the second version of the play was by far the best because it had better acting and it showed some humour. In the first version I did not like it how the audience could sense the presence of the dream world. After Bottom and his friends had acted I did not understand why Puck had led all of the fairies through the corridors of the house. I think I prefer the second version of the play because I think it is more suited to my age group and plus I understood it a lot better than the first version. This is because it used present English and it used better body language.

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