Friday, May 8, 2020

React Native - Writing Custom Native Code For Your Apps

React Native - Writing Custom Native Code For Your AppsWriting custom native code for your React Native apps can be done in a variety of ways. First, you could go with a third-party framework and use it to write all of your own code. You also have options that involve coding with Xcode, or even doing so yourself.However, using a third-party framework is not usually a good idea when you are doing your first native app. Often, you will find that it was difficult to get started and that your coding skills are lacking. Instead, it's much easier to start off by simply writing a series of JavaScript functions that contain the logic for your application.Although it may seem like the only option to learn how to write custom native code for your React Native apps is to write your own framework, you should never do this. It is extremely difficult to actually build a decent custom native app. Even if you were able to get something up and running, you might end up dealing with bugs and errors th at you had no idea about.Instead, you should understand the basics of creating a native app, then move on to more complex areas. You should consider the following options: Xcode or React Native itself. After all, React Native itself was built with an in-house developer in mind, so there shouldn't be too many surprises.There are several good reasons to choose to write your native app in Xcode. One is that Xcode is extremely capable. If you use it, you can have any project up and running in a matter of minutes, while other options are very similar but take longer to get going.Another good reason to use Xcode as a starting point for your native app is that you will quickly realize that it does everything you need it to do. In addition, the Apple SDK makes this program much easier to use than anything else you might find. It's the ideal option for beginners because it has a very solid foundation and that foundation is handled by Xcode.If you decide to develop your own React Native appli cation, however, you will want to take the opposite approach. Since it's just an app, you should be able to do it yourself and be able to get it up and running very quickly. There is no need to rely on third-party frameworks in this case.Now, you might be wondering why you would bother to do either of these options for writing your native app. The answer is simple: you should do either one of them. In general, it's better to be safe and get things up and running, then it is to find out later that you're doing it wrong.

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