Sunday, June 7, 2020

New College-Admissions Essay Tests Is the NCTE Critical of New College-Admissions Essay Tests

New College-Admissions Essay Tests: Is the NCTE Critical of New College-Admissions Essay Tests?Many students in their last year of college to find the new College-Admissions Essay (CASE) test a little too complex and difficult. They are eager to focus on their studies as opposed to working so hard on writing their own essays.The average CCA Test score for a Bachelors student who took the test was in the range of 700. However, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) has found that only 17% of students who took the test scored the maximum amount of 700. These students needed help to be able to tackle the SAT or ACT.The NCTE found that for students with higher scores, there were a number of differences in the tests that they took, however the results for those with scores of 700 or below all did fairly well. The students who scored below 700 also found it difficult to prepare for the test since they had not taken any English classes in college.The NCTE is critical of new Coll ege-Admissions Essay tests that require more reading, thinking, and writing skills than what many students need to focus on in their last year of college. Students should not be required to write several essays per week. Instead, it is recommended that students have one essay per semester, which can be completed in as little as two hours per week. The NCTE recommends that these standardized tests are administered through their council.The CCA is just one of many essays that need to be administered each semester through the Council of Elementary and Secondary Education (CESE). This test is used to measure the student's knowledge of English composition.The NCTE is also critical of test prep methods such as the Center for College Adaptation (CCA) that recommend that students take the test before they graduate from high school. The NCTE has found that this method of assessment is not necessary for students who will be entering college in the fall of 2020.The NCTE is also critical of the ACT and the College Board for calling the CCA the 'standard' for testing in English composition. The NCTE suggests that colleges include only one essay in the program. This would eliminate the need for students to write four essays per semester.In order to ensure that students are well prepared for the College-Admissions Essay (CCA) or SAT or ACT, the NCTE recommends that students enroll in an English class or be home schooled until after they have graduated from high school. The NCTE recommends that students take classes that teach them how to write essays, whether they are writing their own essays or taking the standardized test. The NCTE also suggests that students learn about the essay and thesis editing and that they learn how to find and buy essay editing software.

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